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Location: http://www.scarbon.net/black-sand/
Interests: ABS special black sand The components of black sand are carbon black and polymer assistant (dispersing agent,lubricating agent,etc...).It is widely used in engineering modification.Our black sand is specially suited for PA,PC,ABS,PBT,POM,HIPS,LCP,etc...Compare to masterbatch and carbon black, the benefits of using black sand are: less additive amount, no dust emissions, high temperature resistance, high blackness value, and no damage on the original plastic products. These products have been thoroughly pretreated and may save customer extra process costs in producing desire colors. Parameter /codeConcentrationCarrierAgent contentThermal ResistanceSGS certificateAddition RateApplicationBlackness of PVC Resin (L value) ABS Black sand 6#65 % carbon blackNo resin carrierPolymer assistant 35%< 380℃Environment -friendly,pass SGS RoHS,REACH,SVHC1-2%Compound26buy Black Sand website:http://www.scarbon.net/black-sand/
About me: Our History SHAN DONG SUN UNION INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO.,LTD, is specialized in the hot dip galvanizing line ,color coating production line, pickling line, hydraulic station, hydraulic cylinder, CMC.
Website url: http://www.stroller-tricycle-bicycle.com/

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